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Priorities Matter

Exceptional Customer Service

My pledge is to continue the Tax Commissioner's Office legacy of delivering exceptional customer service. This is why I have made supporting personal growth and development of over 100 employees top priority.

Buying a House
Efficient Property Tax Processing

With over $1 billion in total collections and disbursements annually, there was a need to create efficient payment and processing options. This is why I spearheaded upgrading our billing and collections systems to better serve taxpayers. This included launching an ePay system that was both user-friendly and secure. I will continue to press for ways to make the payment process better for our taxpayers.

Driver Behind Wheel
Convenient Tag Registration & Renewals

I oversee more than 750,000 titling and registering of motor vehicles annually. This is why it was important to make the registration and renewal process better and simpler. During my time in office, we've brought tag renewal kiosks to select tag offices and Krogers. In May of this year, we launched a brand new motor vehicle software system, Georgia DRIVES, making it easier to complete a number of motor vehicle services online.

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